Fun short story writing activities

Story Writing Activities

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Funny Story Prompts

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A Shocking (and Fun) Short Story Writing Technique

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I've been working hard to give kids and teachers activities to use to help with creative writing. If you've been to one of my workshops, you know creativity is fantastic fun!

So, here is a line-up of fun.

25 Activities for Reading and Writing Fun

Introductory PowerPoint covering the elements of a short story plus silly story starters for creative writing in a "Roll-a-Story" format.

These four "Roll-a-Story" cards allow for different story combinations!Students first roll a die to select a character, then roll to select a setting and one more roll to select the conflict. "The Monkey's Paw" Short Story & Activities Use this comprehensive packet with your students to strengthen reading comprehension and vocabulary.

Included in the packet is the full text of W.W. Jacobs' short story "The Monkey's Paw", a lesson plan for discussing the story, and important vocabulary and reading comprehension questions for students. Story Writing Activities test and enhance your child’s ability to spin words and sentences and come up with something original.

The art of writing is a powerful tool to express a variety of feelings, thoughts, facts and emotions. Structure – Tutor – Enrolement/Fees – Testimonials. This Short Story Writing Course, a tailored online program, will not only develop your general writing skills but will explore in depth the potential of the short story genre.

In recent blog posts I have looked at some different aspects of writing in class. Common to all of them has been the point that good preparation is key to producing a successful piece of writing. However, there is also a lot to be said for writing completely unprepared; short, fun activities where, instead.

Fun short story writing activities
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